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RM266 / year

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National Geographic Kids Magazine Subscription

RM266 / year

National Geographic Kids Magazine Subscription provides fun and educational content for children of all ages. It is a great way to explore the world and learn about different cultures.

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National Geographic Kids Magazine Subscription is the perfect way to keep your kids engaged and entertained while learning about the world around them. With each issue, your kids will explore the world through fun and educational stories, activities, and games. They’ll learn about animals, cultures, science, and more, all while having a blast. The magazine is designed for kids ages 6-14, so it’s perfect for any age group. Each issue is filled with colorful photos, maps, and illustrations that will help your kids understand the topics they’re learning about. Plus, each issue comes with a free poster and activity book, so your kids can continue the fun at home. With a National Geographic Kids Magazine Subscription, your kids will be entertained and educated all year long.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS MAGAZINE for kids who love learning about our weird and wonderful world!

National Geographic Kids magazine is an exciting monthly read for planet-loving kids, aged 6 – 13!

Its pages are full of fun features, jaw-dropping facts and awe-inspiring photos that will keep you entertained for hours! Discover more about National Geographic Kids magazine, below…

Fun features

National Geographic Kids Magazine Inside Pages

Each issue includes several fascinating features on the planet’s coolest creatures, from real-life animal rescue stories to fact files on some of the world’s rarest species. You’ll hear incredible tales from the natural world and learn cool facts about animals from around the globe.

Exciting news


Each issue includes quirky and cool news stories from around the globe! Learn about incredible world records (Snail Racing Championships, anyone?!), cool new tech, wildlife success stories and the latest wacky news. Plus, check out all the latest goings on in the world of entertainment, from the best new kids’ books, movies and TV shows!

Cool competitions


Each and every month we pack our pages full of amazing prizes! From Razor scooters to LEGO® sets, book bundles and movie merchandise, there are hundreds of prizes up for grabs in every issue. You can also enter all of our competitions online!

Junior Explorers’ Club

National Geographic Kids Magazine Inside Pages

This is where we hear from YOU, our amazing readers! From epic holidays, poems and photos, to interesting hobbies or adventures – this is where we publish a selection of readers’ stories. Plus, each month a readers’ pet gets to feature as our very own mini-cover star – how awesome is that?!

Fun stuff


As well as everything above, every issue features perplexing puzzles, posters and fun ideas for things to make and do. You’ll never be short of activities!

For more information, ask your parents to check out a National Geographic Kids subscription!

Meet the Editor!

Tim Herbert, Editor Of National Geographic Kids Magazine

Hi Tim! What’s your favourite thing about being the editor of National Geographic Kids magazine?

I work with a fantastic team of writers and designers, and together we create a magazine that we know kids really love! When a reader writes in to tell you how much they enjoy National Geographic Kids magazine and how you’ve inspired them to learn more about the world they live in, it’s a great feeling.

How do you choose what goes in each issue?

It varies a lot. We do stories based on events that are happening that month, such as World Space Week, National Pet Month or Refugee Week, but we also write features based on cool scientific research, history, geography, news, trips the team have been on and topics that have been suggested by the readers themselves.

What do you think makes National Geographic Kids magazine so special?

It’s exciting, educational and inspires kids to find out more about the planet. Children who read National Geographic Kids magazine love sharing the facts they’ve discovered in the mag with their friends, class-mates and family. Our aim is to make learning fun!

Why do you think it’s important to learn about animals, people and places around the world?

Our planet is really precious and extremely fragile, and we need to appreciate that. The more we learn about its animals, plants, people and places, the better the chance we have of looking after it.

What age group is Nat Geo Kids aimed at?

Our readers are kids aged 7-13. We’ve done lots of reader surveys and have found that more than 90% of them share the mag with their parents.

What can you expect to find in each issue?

Lots of fun! Each issue is packed with gorgeous posters, brain-teasing puzzles, exciting competitions and fascinating facts that make our readers go ‘Wow!’ And we want them to come back every month for more!

You can find National Geographic Kids magazine in all good newsagents, or you can become a subscriber and have it delivered to your door each month!

Empower your children with the gift of knowledge!

An exciting monthly read for boys and girls

  • Packed full of fantastic facts
  • Competitions and fun things to make and do
  • Delivered straight to your door every month!

National Geographic Kids magazine – the perfect balance between learning and fun! A must-have for children ages 6 and up. Each issue is packed with colorful photos, games, puzzles, fun features and facts about animals, science, technology, and more.

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