What is SUBSCRB Rewards?

SUBSCRB Rewards is our loyalty program to reward our awesome customers.

  • It’s free to join, no fees required!

  •  You’ll receive a birthday reward.

  • Earn 250 Points instantly when you update your subscriber profile.

  • You can redeem your Points anytime!

  • No expiry date for Points.

  • Exclusive rewards await you.

How do I earn points?


After joining SUBSCRB Rewards, you will earn 5 SUBSCRB Rewards points (Points) automatically on every pound you spend on, every time a purchase is completed.
Points can be earned on purchases of gift vouchers too but cannot be earned through redemption of gift vouchers.
Points will be awarded to your account 90 days after a purchase is completed. During the 90 days period, it will be reflected as pending Points in your account.
You can earn an instant 250 Points by completing or updating your account profile. These points can be used immediately.

How do I redeem points?

Points can be used any time. You can start redeeming points against a purchase with minimum of 5 points. You must log in to your SUBSCRB account to redeem Points.
100 Points is equivalent to RM1 of credit that you can spend at If you complete your profile, you will receive 250 instant Points which translates to RM2.50 worth of credit that can be used immediately.
When selecting a payment method, you can determine to redeem Points against the purchase. Purchases with points redemption can be made with any combination of Points, gift voucher and any available payment methods.

When will I receive my birthday reward voucher?


Your RM2.50 birthday reward gift voucher will be emailed to you on the first day of your birthday month! The validity of the birthday voucher is 28 days and cannot be used in conjunction with any other vouchers.