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Magazine Descriptions

Just English Magazine is Malaysia’s first English Language Teaching (ELT) supplementary material, designed specifically for students and teachers.It aims to inculcate and enhance students’ reading habits by providing a variety of interesting and relevant articles and exercises. It is a great source of edutainment (combining education and entertainment) that can be used by students independently. Even teachers can use the magazine as an effective teaching material.

This magazine comes in the form of an 8-issue annual subscription, and is written to cultivate the necessary English language skills for teenagers to young adults. It incorporates a graded reading approach using current and informative reading materials.


  • The articles in the magazine are graded according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) at B2 (upper intermediate), C1 (Advance) and C2 (High Advance) levels with not more than 1800 words.
  • Articles are catered for readers with different interests. Topics include:
    • Preparation Tips and information on English language proficiency exams
    • Inspiring accounts of individuals from all walks of life.
    • Cover stories.
    • Food, career, latest trends.
    • Travel, environmental highlights.
    • Sports, lifestyle, short stories.
    • Historical facts, arts and science, plus many more.
  • An original short story by an author of note in contemporary English.
  • A glossary which explains unusual or technical terms.
  • Language quizzes, comprehension exercises and questionnaires which develop and check the student’s language proficiency.
  • Introduction to students’ reading on a subject by using the Internet as a self-learning tool.
  • Additional online materials are available online for selected articles, including:
    • audio recordings (to improve listening and pronunciation skills)
    • downloadable lesson plans (for teachers to use in the classroom)

Usage Instructions

In schools, teachers typically use the magazines in the classroom as reading comprehension material, followed by exercises on vocabulary and comprehension that accompany the articles.

Teachers can also assign the magazines as homework to cultivate the reading habit. Students are encouraged to subscribe to the magazines on an annual basis, and they derive great pleasure from the extensive reading of articles on various topics and themes. The companion websites are to support these readers by providing more interesting and fun activities.


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